Prince Harry: Spending Nights Away From Meghan & Archie ALREADY?!

It’s a weird thing to be a member of a royal family in 2019.

We suppose it’s always been a weird thing, but 500 years ago, it was all beheading your enemies, noshing on giant turkey legs, and other objectively awesome sh-t.

These days, it’s got its ups and downs, as Meghan Markle learned shortly after marrying Prince Harry last year.

Sure, you’re rich and famous, and you could probably still order a low-key beheading if someone really pissed you off.

But these days, being a royal is less about hoisting flagons of mead and more about public appearances and philanthropic work.

Which is why Harry went back to work just days after Meghan gave birth to the couple’s first child.

Just two days after baby Archie entered the world, Harry was in Amsterdam to promote the upcoming Invictus Games.

Of course, that was just a day trip, and he was back at Frogmore Cottage in a matter of hours.

On Friday, however, Harry headed to Rome to participate in a charity polo event.

And it seems he’ll be spending the night alone from Archie for the first time.

Now, Meghan and Harry have been catching hate from the British press for their parenting choices pretty much since the day Archie was born.

And we’re sure Piers Morgan is already preparing one of his signature, jowl-quaking tirades, in which he’ll accuse Harry of being an absentee dad.

But it’s important to note that the event is a benefit for Harry’s Sentebale charity, a Lesotho-based organization that serves victims of the African AIDS crisis.

So yeah, it’s a very important cause, and since Harry is the main draw, there’s really no event without him.

Thankfully, Harry likely won’t be dignifying the criticism with a response, but his friend and partner Nacho Figeroa responded to a reporter who pointed out that “most fathers” don’t spend nights away from home so soon after the birth of a child.

“I’m a father of four, and sometimes duty calls. This is 24 hours away from the house, and I think he’s doing just fine,” Figueroa said.

“He’s a wonderful father and very present, and he’s here for an amazing cause.”

Maybe Harry should always keep Figueroa around to put the press in its place.

Having a buddy named Nacho to clap back on your behalf is almost as cool as an on-call guillotine squad.

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