Protect Your Phone From Germs and Bumps With This Copper Case

Protecting yourself from germs means keeping everything around you clean and disinfected. Since your phone carries more bacteria than anything else, it should be your main focus when it comes to sanitizing.

Thanks to the Aeris Copper Germ-Killing Case for your iPhone, you no longer have to worry about wiping your phone constantly. This phone case is made from copper that kills bacteria and viruses, using nothing but natural anti-pathogenic qualities.

The Aeris copper case doesn’t just shield your phone from the impact of falls, it also stays germ-free for long, without losing its color. In fact, this phone case develops an elegant patina over time that looks just as good as the original sheen. 

A case that does this much for you and your phone can still look pretty while at it. The Aeris case looks so good!

The copper phone case is available for $39 on the Just Jared shop!

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