Quando Rondo Claims His Crew Was Defending Itself In Brawl Before King Von Shooting

Quando Rondo didn’t come looking for trouble when his crew got into a violent altercation with King Von that ended in a fatal shooting … at least according to Quando’s camp.

Sources close to Quando Rondo tell TMZ … the rapper wasn’t seeking out a fight with King Von the night Von was shot dead outside an Atlanta hookah lounge, and they say Von was acting as the aggressor in the brawl that preceded gunfire.

Our sources say Quando was napping in a car outside the club and when he woke up, Von’s crew was there, and things suddenly got tense. We’re told Von approached Quando and his crew with anger, which led to the brawl.

New footage from outside the club appears to show King Von throwing punches at Quando Rondo’s crew, and our sources claim Quando’s camp was just defending itself. We’re told Quando didn’t know what was going on and believed his life was in danger.

As we reported … police also opened fire while confronting the gunmen, but cops say King Von was shot during the initial shootout with Quando Rondo’s group.

One of Quando Rondo’s crew members was arrested for felony murder, and our law enforcement sources tell us QR is NOT under investigation and cops consider the case closed.

Sources close to Quando Rondo tell us he feels extremely bad about the situation and how it unfolded … though we’re told both sides have not spoken to each other since the incident.

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