Relationship Between Kristin Cavallari & Jeff Dye Heating Up As They Get More Serious While 'Taking It Really Slowly'

Back in February, we reported on Kristin Cavallari and Jeff Dye needing to keep the speed of their relationship moving slowly.

Welp, it sounds like they’re still on that very same page. But, despite the brakes, can it be that the duo have gotten more serious??

A source told ET that:

“Kristin and Jeff are getting more serious, but they are taking it really slow. They are really liking where things are at now.”

Ooooh. We totally get that! Nothing wrong with taking things slow.

The insider added:

“Kristin isn’t quite ready to completely dive in, and they still have a lot of growing to do as a couple. aren’t in any rush to jump into a super serious relationship with each other at this time.”

We would assume that the mother of three, who split from husband Jay Cutler last April, definitely needs her time to get used to a new relationship. After all, she spent ten years with Jay before their split. And, apparently, she did have some things to say about her estranged husband, too.

The source finished by revealing:

“Jay was initially upset by the news of Kristin and Jeff dating, but he doesn’t sit around and dwell on it. Jay wants Kristin to be happy, and Kristin and Jay getting back together is off the table at this point. Kristin also wants Jay to be happy and to do what’s best for him, just as she believes he wants for her. She isn’t bothered that he is dating around and having fun.”


Of course, for anyone who needs the reminder, Cavallari was actually the one to file for divorce. In court docs that ET obtained back in April, she cited the reason for the split as “marital misconduct” and “irreconcilable differences.” So, from what we’re seeing, Kristin’s in no rush to get into another super serious relationship after getting out of a marriage that might’ve been kind of shaky. Clearly, she’s thinking of her children, too.

Even so, Kristin and Jeff vacationed together in Mexico last month. So, maybe — just maybe — this is the slow start to something deep and true.

But what do y’all think? Should the couple keep pressing the brakes? Or should Kristin let go and see where things go without all the uneasiness? Drop us a comment below!

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