Renee Graziano explains controversial Harvey Weinstein remarks: ‘I never defended’ him

Renee Graziano is setting the record straight — she’s not a Harvey Weinstein supporter.

The “Mob Wives” star recently made controversial comments about the disgraced producer on the “The Domenick Nati Show,” saying: “Harvey Weinstein was nothing but a gentleman to me” while on the set of the VH1 show he produced. She added that she “never experienced Harvey Weinstein in a negative light,” but she did believe that he acted inappropriately with others.

Graziano, 49, insisted to Page Six on Thursday that she “never defended Harvey.”

“I said that if he did it to me I would break his knee caps so obviously I thought he was wrong. All I said was he NEVER did it to me,” she said. “As far as the women, what I meant was however long it takes you to say your truth or for you to find the courage to do so – that is a personal thing. I just wish these survivors (because I see them as that and not victims) found the courage to tell their stories sooner so that other women may have been spared. That is why I am so vocal about what I’ve been through. In hopes of helping another. But I understand everyone is different and does things at their own pace. Either way I applaud them and stand by them.”

“Not every woman had a father like mine, who men feared enough to not be disrespectful. I was lucky in that respect, but I want woman to know that I support them in their journey towards their truth and towards justice – no matter how long it took them.”

Graziano told Page Six last year that she wanted to do more women’s outreach work after leaving rehab, saying: “I’m hopefully this year going to be speaking in women’s prisons and really just doing outreach work. If only I had a me when I was younger, I would’ve listened to her.”

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