Rhod Gilbert thanks fans for ‘patience’ amid stage four cancer battle

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Rhod Gilbert, 54, acknowledged fans’ continued support as he took to social media to share an update on his ongoing stage four cancer battle. The comedian was forced to postpone his January shows due to gallstones and recurring gallbladder infections.

In a new social media post, Rhod said he will “get back on stage”, while he explained he had to wait for his “doctor’s advice”.

He said: “I thank each one of you for your continuing patience, rest assured, the show will go on.”

Opening up about his symptoms, Rhod continued: “I’m feeling good and feel like I’m recovering day-by-day.

“Some days I’m well enough to do a bit of writing and I’ve got a feeling when I’ve got through all this there’ll be a show in it.”

Rhod announced that he has been battling stage four cancer back in July 2022.

The comedian, not one to shy away from a difficult topic, previously revealed he will use his diagnosis in a humorous light for his new comedy material.

In his first interview since undergoing treatment, the TV star revealed he thinks about his cancer 24/7 after losing jobs to the disease.

Rhod shared: “It does feel weird. I don’t know how much to talk about the cancer. I haven’t really worked out what to say.

“I’m really aware of mental health now and I’m checking in with myself every day.  I feel fine, weirdly. I’m happy, optimistic and hopeful that next year it’ll all come good.”

He explained that despite losing his social life and on-stage career due to his health woes, he is committed to poking fun at serious topics in his upcoming tour, The Book Of John.  

“When I get through this, the next show will be in a similar vein. The cancer is on my mind 24/7, but, when I’m well enough to write, I’m jotting down a few things. 

“And there is humour in there, definitely,” he added to The Guardian.

Rhod has received letters and emails from people “all over the world” talking about their own experiences of a stroke, parents with Alzheimer’s, or infertility, since adopting a more open approach. 

The comedian added that he is also looking forward to the rescheduled tour dates for 2023, which have been pushed back until the summer.

Rhod confirmed the news of his cancer diagnosis to his fans via a Facebook post.

He spoke out about the reason why seven of his shows that were scheduled to take place in January have now been postponed and will take place in the summer of 2023. 

“All my work has gone. My social life has gone. Everything has gone. 

“Everything. It’s just me and this bloody cancer, really,” he told the BBC.

 “Having them is something to look forward to, really. But I’m making things sound very gloomy, and they’re not.”

 He continued, “I feel fine, weirdly. I’m happy, optimistic and hopeful that next year it’ll all come good.”

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