Rita Simons lifts lid on suffering with OCD since she was three-years-old

“I would do rituals and all sorts of things, in order to stop them dying.”

Rita also delved into her relationship with her dad, she admitted: “My dad was exactly the same as me and I just used to watch him do it and I would think ‘Oh, my dad’s got OCD’. It would appear in my family to be genetics.”

She continued: “When I was fourteen, I got stuck checking the mirror, for I don’t know how long but my mum found me in a heap hyper-ventilating because I just wanted to get out of this mirror.

“And she said, ‘Okay, I think we need to get some help for you’ and we went and saw a Professor of Psychology, who to this day, I still speak to regularly.”

Rita also revealed how acting helped her cope with the disorder.

She said: “One day I enrolled in a Theatre Studies A-Level class and it changed my life.”

Touching on how her former castmates helped her, she added: “EastEnders is a really big family and they all know all of my -isms.”

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