‘Sad’ Dog The Bounty Hunter Pays Tribute To Beth Chapman On Their Wedding Anniversary — Week

Dog the Bounty Hunter may be engaged to another woman, but his heart is still with his late wife Beth Chapman as he celebrates their wedding anniversary.

The 67-year-old reality star (real name Duane Chapman) took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a photo (above) of himself and Beth, who died in June 2019 at the age of 51 after a longtime battle with throat cancer, at a restaurant.

He wrote in the caption:

“She said, ‘Big Daddy, you’re going to be so sad when I am not here on our next anniversary.’ Why did she have to be so right ??”

Awwww… we’re not crying, it’s just dusty in here…

Dog also paid tribute to his late wife last week, sharing a throwback selfie of her that he captioned: 

“I am DOG Chapman chiracahua Apache. The best Bounty Hunter in the world I am the husband of Beth Chapman And I miss her so much.”

The tributes come weeks after a rep for the famed bounty hunter confirmed he’s engaged to his girlfriend, Francie Frane, a rancher who reportedly lost her husband to cancer six months before Beth passed away.

As we reported, Dog previously opened up to TMZ about how his relationship with Francie blossomed, telling the outlet:

“Well, for a living she’s a rancher, and she has recently lost her husband to cancer, six months before I lost Beth. So, we hooked up on the phone and started, you know, talking to each other, crying, consoling each other, and then one thing led to another. And it’s just incredible that I’ve been able to meet someone like her… With Francie, I’m allowed to speak about Beth, I talk about Bob — husband that passed — and we cry and we hold each other.”

While Dog went on the record and said he would never marry again on the heels of Beth’s passing, he told the outlet that he now believes he needs Francie to help him get back on his feet.

He shared:

“I am a fixer. I gotta catch bad guys. I gotta be at the top of my game, I can’t feel sorry for myself or guilty. I gotta get out there and make a difference, is what I do for a living. So I gotta get back, I gotta — what they call on the reservation, I gotta ‘man up.’ So, she helps me do that.”

The father-of-twelve also recently spoke with UK outlet The Sun about their upcoming wedding, saying:

“I would love to have the biggest wedding there’s ever been. I’m sorry but that’s just me. I hope I can talk Francie into it and open it to my fans, the ‘Dog Pound,’ to everybody. It would be one hell of a party and it’s just what people need right now.”

He’s not wrong about that!

It’s heartbreaking to see Dog’s still so distraught about losing Beth, but it sounds like having Francie by his side makes things a bit easier. We’re wishing them the best!

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