Sam Thompson calls Zara McDermott ‘the one’ and admits they ‘never argue’

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Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson has admitted things between himself and girlfriend Zara McDermott are going well.

The 29 year old star, who is renowned for the pranks he pulls on his family and friends, told OK! Online that stunning Love Island alum Zara is "the one."

The pair are currently living out of suitcases while renovating their lavish London home, and discussing their situation, Sam explained: "We're on top of each other at the moment because we're renovating our home.

"It's killing us because we're doing a short let at the moment and we're living out of flats and suitcases, but we haven't really argued at all."

Sam continued: "It must be pretty hard to go out with me though so the fact she puts up with me is pretty amazing.

"She's the one man, she's the one."

Sam and Zara are clearly as happy as ever since rekindling their romance last December.

The stars gave their relationship another go after they previously went their separate ways when Zara admitted she cheated on Sam.

Jumping in on the chat with OK! Online Zara admitted she does "sleep with one eye open" however, to avoid another of Sam's pranks.

Sam has had his 1.4 million Instagram followers in hysterics with some of the playful pranks he's pulled on his model girlfriend, but he told us he avoids pranking sister Louise Thompson now due to backlash in the comments section.

Louise is expecting her first baby with fiancé Ryan Libbey, and Sam admitted: "I don't prank Louise now she's pregnant. Mainly because of Instagram and people saying 'you better not do that to Louise now she's pregnant,' so she has a break and a nice holiday before the pranking starts again.

"When's she tired and she's been up all night with the baby crying that's when I'll strike with my pranks."

Discussing becoming an uncle, Sam told OK! Online that he's "terrified" at the prospect.

"When I look after [Louise's] dogs I can give them back and be like well 'well that was fun.' When I get a baby to look after it's going to be different and you need to give the baby back in one piece and make sure that you haven't done anything like drop him or her or whatever," Sam began.

Zara McDermott shows off very lavish home she shares with boyfriend Sam Thompson

"I'd like to think I'll be a cool uncle, but you can't prank a baby can you? So I have to be careful because I've spent my whole like pranking my girlfriend, sister and Pete so when the baby comes along I'm going to have to wait a little bit.

"I've already had baby holding lessons in preparation for the arrival."

The biggest victim of Sam's pranks is, undoubtedly, his best pal Pete Wicks who Sam met while filming reality show Celebs Go Dating.

Opening up on their friendship, or bromance as Sam calls it, the MIC star said: "I remember looking at [Pete] across the room and thinking 'wow, what a sexy b*****d.'

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"I just wouldn't let him leave and any time there was a chance of a double date I told the producers I wanted to be with him.

"I stuck to him like glue and was like 'you're going nowhere' and three years in he's just accepted he's here to stay and now he's telling me he loves me, very quietly."

Sam has recently partnered with to unveil every breakfast lover’s dream job, the world’s first Chief Buffet Officer.

The successful candidate will be tasked with rating the key parts of a great breakfast, with a budget of £5,000 to stay in top hotels across the globe.

Discussing the campaign, Sam, who detailed breakfast as his favourite meal, said: "I am the kind of guy who will rinse the breakfast buffet. I'm a go up three timer, and I go up and then revolve and then go back again for more. I make friends in the breakfast buffet because I'm there so much.

"What I found interesting was that 85 per cent of people, even though they're going to a buffet, still get beans on toast. That is so British isn't it?

"The job is my dream – £5,000 to go and eat breakfast around the world, what a dream."

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