SantaCon 2022 Overtakes NYC As Rowdy Residents Dress as Saint Nick

It’s that time of the year again … where New Yorkers get in the spirit and dress up as old Saint Nick for a massive bar crawl throughout the city — and 2022 didn’t disappoint.

The streets of Manhattan were packed Saturday morning with thousands of people who threw on their best fat man fits and Santa hats … all just to parade around, sing Christmas carols and drink to their hearts’ desire, and some of these photos truly capture the magic.

1210 SantaCon in Manhattan 2022 krampus

While a majority of folks opted for the traditional red and white getup … some got creative and did different iterations of the traditional Claus look — including some sinister ones.

We’re talking, of course, of someone dressed as the Grinch (classic) … but also, one person donned the Krampus demon — who’s pretty much the antithesis of Santa, and who steals children for being bad. The dark version of Xmas you don’t really hear about much. 😅

As for everyone else … it seems they were having a pretty damn good time.

There’s tons of footage of New Yorkers celebrating and getting rowdy, but nothing too crazy it seems. A lot of this appears to be sanctioned by the city, with NYPD officers all over and even shaking hands with the attendees.

SantaCon landed on the nice list this time!

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