Sharon Stone Says She Was Misled About Her Iconic ‘Basic Instinct’ Scene

Sharon Stone is speaking out about her experiences in Hollywood.

In her upcoming memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, the 63-year-old actress writes about the story behind her iconic, explicit scene in 1992’s Basic Instinct, in which Stone’s vagina was exposed during a scene in which her character, Catherine Tramell, is interrogated by police.

In an excerpt from the book published by Vanity Fair, the actress writes about the first time she saw the now-infamous scene—and her surprise at its explicit nature. Of the experience, Stone writes:

Ultimately, Stone, who fought hard for her role in Basic Instinct, decided to allow the scene to be included in the film.

“Well, that was my first thought,” she wrote. “Then I thought some more. What if I were the director? What if I had gotten that shot? What if I had gotten it on purpose? Or by accident? What if it just existed? That was a lot to think about. I knew what film I was doing. For heaven’s sake, I fought for that part, and all that time, only this director had stood up for me. I had to find some way to become objective. I had spent so long coming to the project that I had fully examined the character and the dangerousness of the part. I came to work ready to play Catherine Tramell. Now I was being challenged again.”

In the excerpt, Stone also reveals that producers on other projects pressured her to have sex with male costars, ostensibly to increase their onscreen chemistry.

Stone’s memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice is out March 3o and available to preorder now on Amazon.

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