Shawn Mendes kissed Camila Cabello’s foot for V-Day: fine or nope?

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Did you think Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes would last this long? I did not. I mean, I was crazy about them when they first started up, and I loved to see the very obvious PR moves around their relationship. I thought they were half-PR couple and half-real couple and that in the end, their breakup would feature diss tracks and dance-offs. But they’re still happening. They’ve been together since the summer of 2019, they spent much of the pandemic together, locked down in LA, and they celebrated Valentine’s Day together, with Shawn posting the above Instagram yesterday.

There’s a lot of angst online about the fact that Shawn is kissing Camila’s foot, specifically her big toe. I mean, my feet are jacked (I walk A LOT) so I don’t want a beautiful young man like Shawn kissing my jacked big toe, but Camila seems fine with it. People do have a thing about feet, and there are strong opinions all around. Like, I prefer that people do not touch my feet at all (again, they’re jacked), but I’m totally fine with foot fetishes being represented in popular culture. I’m not disgusted by it or anything. Lots of men love women’s feet. Tons of men want to kiss feet… and, you know, other stuff. Quentin Tarantino is not an outlier. Shawn Mendes is not an outlier. And even if they were, people should let their freak flags fly as long the feet belong to consenting adults! (I knew a guy who was really into ears and I still think about him sometimes, and I hope he’s well.)

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