‘Shocked’ Nadia Sawalha hits out at Jennifer Aniston after she cuts off unjabbed friends

Loose Women: Nadia slams Jennifer Aniston's vaccine comments

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Friends star Jennifer Aniston, 52, caused a stir after she revealed she had “lost a few people from [her] weekly routine” who had decided against having the coronavirus vaccine. Fans were quick to query her concerns as she is double vaccinated.

Explaining her point to a fan, she wrote on Instagram: “Because if you have the variant, you are still able to give it to me.

“I may get slightly sick but I will not be admitted to a hospital and or die.

“But I can give it to someone else who does not have the vaccine and whose health is compromised (or has a previous existing condition) – and therefore I would put their lives at risk.”

Jennifer’s comments were discussed on the Loose Women panel this afternoon, where Nadia said such remarks left her “shocked”.

The mother-of-two insisted a real friend wouldn’t cut off pals who hadn’t had the jab.

She added: “I think it is everything that is wrong with the world at the moment what she said.

“I’m so shocked, why can’t we just be more understanding of people’s different point of views?

“I’ve got really close friends that are not vaccinated and it really frightens me and I wish to God that they would do it.”

Nadia added her unjabbed pals had stopped doing particular things as they are “scared” of getting the virus.

She went on to rant: “But to cut them off as a friend?! We’ve got keep having the debate.

“Not everyone who is scared or questioning the vaccine, is a crazy anti-vaxxer.”

The Loose Women panellist went on to point out that people could still social distance if they had concerns.

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Stacey Solomon chimed in that people may not have had the jab due to medical reasons.

Linda Robson expressed her thoughts, saying she found Jennifer’s decision “too harsh”.

“At the end of the day it’s their choice,” she said of those wishing to have the vaccine or not.

She added that people needed their friends in hard times such as the pandemic.

According to the NHS, two doses of the approved coronavirus jabs are the safest protection against the virus.

The COVID-19 vaccines currently available are given in 2 doses.

You usually have the 2nd dose 8 to 12 weeks after the 1st dose.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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