Stacey Solomon shocks Loose Women panel with shower confession

Pregnant Stacey Solomon and her Loose Women co-panellists discussed the topic of showering and who among them is a “soap dodger” on Wednesday's show.

Stacey, 29, immediately confessed that she does not wash everyday.

Holding her hands up, Stacey explained: "I've always thought as long as you wash your important bits it's OK.

"Like you can have a quick wash, sometimes I don't have time for a 15 minute shower.

“Also I don't think it's that good for your hair and skin and stuff”, as she held her face in her hands as she made the admission.

Stacey’s co-panellist Saira Khan chimed in to agree with her and revealed that she herself only showers once or twice a week.

She said: “I support you on that Stacey as I've had dry skin most of my life and I know the water in this country is good quality but it is very – in a hard water area – it strips your skin of its essential oils."

Ruth Langsford, 59, then quickly added: "That's what moisturiser is for. Body lotion."

She then read out a statement from the British Dermatological Association, which said the benefits of showering every day outweighed those of not.

However, Saira continued: ”It's only by self care that I've managed to sort my skin out and that's by showering once or twice a week."

Stacey – who is expecting her third child later this year – added: "How dirty do you have to be? You'd have to not shower for days to smell bad.

"You can't every morning, if you miss the shower once or twice…."

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