TALK OF THE TOWN: Is Carrie Symonds' pal plotting her grand wedding?

Is Carrie Symonds’ events organiser pal Dixie Maloney plotting her grand wedding to Boris Johnson (and who is paying her?)

In a time of national crisis, Boris Johnson may have been hoping for a low-key wedding, but that’s sounding increasingly remote.

I hear his bride-to-be Carrie Symonds has enlisted the help of a corporate events organiser – suggesting an elaborate affair could instead be on the cards.

I gather Carrie, 33, has been casually introducing her friend Dixie Maloney, 35, as her ‘wedding planner’ to friends. 

It is not clear how official Dixie’s role is, but she works as an event producer for Publicis Media, a multi-national advertising and PR company that owns Saatchi and Saatchi and rakes in £11 billion per year. 

I hear bride-to-be Carrie Symonds has enlisted the help of a corporate events organiser for her wedding – suggesting an elaborate affair could be on the cards, writes Charlotte Griffiths

She describes herself as an ‘event producer, sun worshipper, dog lover, cat mama, food enthusiast, high intensity exercise avoider and good time girl’. Though she has no other famous followers, 

Dixie is followed on social media by both Carrie and Nimco Ali, a government adviser who is Carrie’s best friend and hotly tipped to play a role in the wedding.

Friends of Carrie will no doubt be wondering whether she is paying Dixie for her help and advice. 

As we all now know, the Prime Minister’s finances have become strained since Carrie’s reported £200,000 Lulu Lytle-styled refurbishment of No 10 – not to mention their annual Daylesford food bills, estimated at £12,000.

Pictured: Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson at the Conservative Party Conference in 2019

Dixie, whose real name is believed to be Leigh, set up a company named Energise And Engage four months after Boris and Carrie’s engagement was announced last year. 

It is described as being involved in ‘financial intermediation, public relations and communications activities’. 

Three family members are listed as directors. A source said: ‘At first Carrie wanted to get married before Wilfred was born. 

Then Covid hit and she was happy to have a wedding with just 15 people, but Boris told her she deserved a bigger wedding with all their friends and family.

Pictured: Carrie’s friend Dixie Maloney

‘Carrie perhaps took that as a licence to plan an extravaganza when all the restrictions are removed. It could be a tremendous show of how well Boris has done with the vaccination programme.’

Boris, 56, will be the first Prime Minister in 198 years to get married while in office – and a grand wedding, planned to perfection, would be befitting of the woman Tatler described last month as ‘the most powerful woman in Britain’.

When I asked Dixie if she was working with Carrie, she read my messages but did not respond.

Tin hats on! 

I hear Boris’s former top aide Dominic Cummings is planning a Harry-and-Meghan-on-Oprah-style moan-fest about Carrie when he appears in front of the parliamentary select committee on May 26. 

So much so that I hear he has been joking with friends that he will be ‘pulling a Meghan’ and ‘speaking his truth’. 

His truth or THE truth? Time will tell…

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