Taryn Manning Is Not Suicidal, Clarifies Troubling Instagram Post

Taryn Manning is speaking out to clarify the troubling post that she put on Instagram.

The 40-year-old actress told fans that she would not be attending the Orange Is the New Black red carpet premiere and seemingly was crying out for help.

She wrote, “I wish I could be there. Unfortunate uncontrollable circumstances that no one could help with have made it this way. When someone is crying for help from someone who is after your life and soul. Please listen. No one deserves to have another person single handedly ruin their life to the point they are paralyzed and never leave in fear. I tried to tell everyone. No one cared.”

Now in an interview with The Blast, Taryn is explaining that she was the victim of a cyber terrorism attack and hopes that no one else will have to go through it.

“I am being so damaged by what’s happening to me and I’m older and I can see what’s happening. It doesn’t make it easier, it doesn’t make what’s happening correctable,” Taryn said in the phone call. “It’s this bad that all I can do is take my experience and understand and have such compassion and also want to advocate for the youth who don’t have the tools and the money and the resources… this is why we’re losing kids to this. I feel like dying sometimes, though I would never take my life. It’s that ugly when someone can shred your entire existence online.”

You can hear the full five-minute interview with Taryn at TheBlast.com.

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