Tayshia Adams Goes to Hospital for "Likely" Issue Related to NYC Marathon Recovery

Time to send a ton of good vibes over to Tayshia Adams, who spent much of Thursday in hospital. Tayshia posted briefly to Instagram from her hospital bed, saying “Welp I’ve been here since 9:30 a.m. What a day.”

The Bachelorette host didn’t elaborate as to why she was in the hospital (and hasn’t updated fans yet), but her post came just a few days after she completed the New York City Marathon and a source tells Us Weekly that “Details are unknown at this time but it is likely related to her marathon recovery.”

On Wednesday night, Tayshia reportedly told fans that she “physically could not walk Monday and Tuesday” and said “It was the most painful thing in the world.”

Tayshia and her fiancé Zac Clark finished all 26.2-miles of the marathon on Sunday (a MAJOR accomplishment!), and Tayshia spoke to E! News ahead of the race, saying “I don’t think it’s hit me exactly what I’m about to do yet. This is not Zac’s first rodeo, so I think he’s kind of a lifer when it comes to marathons at this point. I kind of just jumped on the marathon bandwagon and he’s been really supportive. There are definitely times where I’m not in the mood to go running or same with him. But when we have the accountability partner, it’s definitely made the runs more bearable and way more fun. I will say it’s nice to train with someone to kind of pace yourself and try to push yourself as well.”

Here’s to wishing Tayshia all the best, and we’ll be updating this article with more details as they come out.

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