Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi Seemingly Coordinated the Cancun Trip, According to Texts Leaked by Her Neighbors

A new report about Ted Cruz‘s trip to Cancun is revealing some more details about how the trip was organized.

The New York Times obtained text messages that Ted‘s wife Heidi Cruz allegedly sent to friends and Houston neighbors on Wednesday (February 17), the same day they were spotted flying to Mexico.

Heidi reportedly told her close friends that their house was “FREEZING” after losing power and she allegedly proposed that they travel to Mexico until Sunday.

In the alleged text messages, Heidi said that her family would be staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun and that rooms were available for $309 a night. She noted that they had stayed there “many times” and that it has good security.

Two people on the text message thread confirmed to The New York Times that she sent the messages.

Cruz is one of the senators from Texas and the state is currently in the middle of a major crisis because of the winter storms that hit the area. He was slammed for taking a trip instead of helping the people who elected him to office.

After releasing a statement claiming that he was just flying to Cancun to drop off his daughters, Ted‘s original travel plans were revealed and they dispute that claim.

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