The Bachelor Promo: Is Sarah Trott Full of It?

The Bachelor ended in dramatic fashion this week.

Just as Matt James was prepared to conclude his Rose Ceremony and settle on the women that would remain the competition…


Sarah Trott fainted.

The suitor grew woozy and said she couldn’t see straight and then slowly fell to the ground.

It was a worrisome scene, to be sure.

What will the fallout be from this unprecedented fall down?

A new trailer for this upcoming new episode sheds some light on the action and emotion to come.

Simply put, it doesn’t look like Sarah’s fellow contestants are very sympathetic to her plight.

Some even think it was arranged in order for the aspiring wife to avoid elimination.

“She’s getting exactly what she wants,” Anna says in the preview, following footage of Matt James caring for Sarah while she wears his suit coat.

The moment appeared to come amid the rose ceremony, while there were still flowers left to be handed out.

In another clip, we see Sarah making out with Matt before the pair took their PDA to the bedroom.

Whoa there, huh?

ABC also hinted that the couple’s love story could be “disrupted,” showing the California native at Matt’s door and later breaking down into a giant puddle of tears.

“It felt like a knife through my heart,” she tells the camera at one point.

Amid Sarah’s sudden and troubling downward spiral, she appears to confide in Matt, telling the handsome ex-football player:

“Some of the women are just really cruel.”

Well, yeah.

Some women named Victoria in particular, as this emerging villain was so horrendous on the latest episode that some viewers think she’s a plant; they think she was hired just to stir up drama.

No way would producers ever stoop to such a level, would they?

Just kidding.

Of course they would.

Back to Sarah, however…

Chris Harrison previously hinted at the “ups and downs” in Sarah’s relationship with Matt, saying last month she “catches very strong feelings” early in the season 25.

“Sometimes … those that get that early attention, those that have that really initial, bright spark, it’s hard to continue that because obviously the Bachelor/Bachelorette then has to go elsewhere,” the host teased in December.

“They have to compartmentalize these relationships and that makes it really tough when you have that initial burst of energy.

“So, can Sarah keep that going? Can she sustain that? Or will it get the best of them? That we’ll have to see.”

We will indeed.

You can visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to learn whether or not Sarah advances to the final four… three… or two.

And you can also check out the slideshow below to learn something else:

Who actually wins!

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