The Chase’s Anne Hegerty threatens to ‘sabotage’ Mark Labbett’s son’s Christmas present

Anne Hegerty on why she likes spending Christmas alone

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Anne Hegerty, 63, jokingly threatened her fellow The Chase star, Mark Labbett, 56, with sabotaging his child’s Christmas present if he did not “keep shtum” over her home life. It happened after Mark replied to a thread of tweets between scriptwriter Ivor Baddiel and EastEnders actress Kate Robbins.

Ivor had shared a screen grab of a Google search for his net worth.

He quipped: “Yes I was googling myself, but apparently I’m very wealthy.

“I might have to borrow some money from myself.”

Kate then chimed in: “Marvellous news.

“I’m worth millions too, apparently.

“Can you lend me a tenner?”

Anne then joined the conversation, implying that according to speculation, she lives in a mansion after rising to fame on The Chase.

The quizzer wrote: “Ha! You are like little babies.

“Apparently I live in a mansion with an entourage!”

Mark was quick to respond: “Less a mansion with an entourage, more a dungeon with inmates.”

Anne then warned him: “If you don’t keep shtum about that I may have to sabotage the child’s Christmas present.”

Mark’s son, who is Anne’s godson, is “always” on his best behaviour due to having The Governess as his godmother.

In a recent social media post, Mark revealed a pile of gifts Anne had wrapped for his son’s birthday.

“My boy’s birthday present thanks to his scary godmother @anne_hegerty he is always on best behaviour,” Mark typed, alongside a smiling face emoji.

The photograph featured a number of gifts that had been wrapped up and placed in a bag.

But other Twitter users began to ask what was wrong with the gift wrap on the presents.

Jo Co asked: “What happened to the wrapping skills.”

Anne responded to the question in a bid to defend her wrapping abilities.

She wrote: “In my defence, they are weird shapes.

“But also I am rubbish,” the TV star concluded.

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