Tiger King star Joe Exotic denied pardon from Donald Trump

Tiger King star Joe Exotic has learned his fate after he sought a pardon from outgoing president Donald Trump.

The former zookeeper, who is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for animal abuse and a murder for hire plot against his rival Carole Baskin, missed out on clemency from the leader during his final hours in office.

Although Trump pardoned Lil Wayne and Kodak Black, Exotic was not among the 73 individuals freed, nor was he named with the 70 individuals who had their sentences commuted.

Private investigator Eric Love, who is head of Exotic’s team, remains confident that the president will make an announcement at the eleventh hour before Joe Biden is sworn in later today.

‘We anticipate the word last minute, saving the biggest name for the last moment,’ he wrote on social media.

‘We are grateful to all of the supporters, fans, family and friends. Tomorrow is our day. Salute, goodnight, I love you all.’

Asked why he was sure his client would be pardoned he said he felt the president ‘has sided with us’ and the move would ‘take most of the limelight away’ from the president-elect.

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