Tori Spelling & Kids 'Unharmed' After 'Man With A Machine Gun' Started Shooting At Hotel!

Just when it seems the world can’t get any more horrible, Tori Spelling gets caught in an active shooter situation! WTF?!

This scary news comes straight from the source, as the actress took to Twitter on Thursday to open up about the harrowing experience. According to Tori, she and her five children were present when a “man w/a machine gun” began opening fire.

The 47-year-old tweeted:

“U know angels are watching when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time & you & kids & others around are unharmed afterwards. Never in my life did I think I would witness a man w/a machine gun who then started shooting. All are safe & we thank the hotel staff. #grateful”


We’re SO relieved everyone is okay!

Dean McDermott’s wife didn’t share any further details, so it’s unclear where exactly this horrifying event took place. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on Wednesday night a man was arrested at the Twelve Midtown hotel in Atlanta after shots were fired from what witnesses believed sounded like an assault weapon. While we can’t be certain this was the same incident Tori witnessed, the facts of the case — including that no one was injured in the incident — do seem to line up.

Hours earlier, the Beverly Hills 90210 alum had been playfully tweeting along with the latest episode of The Masked Singer, on which she appeared in 2019. She excitedly identified one of the contestants as a former co-star, writing:

“This is crazy . After I was unmasked as #unicornmask I had a dream I was backstage and by accident saw one of the performers without a mask. It was @withBAGpod . Omg maybe my dream was right? I’m guessing it was my onscreen hubby! #TheMaskedSinger #90210 I know that voice!”

“Omg @withBAGpod it WAS you!!!!! Wow my dreams do come true ha ha! You were amazing! Donna & David Forever and now Unicorn & Giraffe forever on #TheMaskedSinger hisTORI! Love you forever…#GiraffeMask #UnicornMask”

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CHEERS… to 30 years since the premiere of Beverly Hills, 90210. – I love my 90210 sisters and brothers that became family to me. I will love you all forever! – And, I love the fans that truly made this show a piece of television history. You grew up with us. You believed in us. You supported us. You loved us. You cheered us on. Your hearts broke when our hearts broke. You believed in our fashion choices. You believed in our friendships. You believed whole heartedly in Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, Steve, Andrea, David, and Donna. And, every other character that graced our zip code. – Our fans, this day is truly dedicated to all of you who lived thru our experiences by watching us. You mean the world to us! We are eternally grateful to our fans who have truly become friends to us. We celebrate you today and everyday! Xoxo #beverlyhills90210 #90210 #30yearstogether #90210forever

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It’s been a 90210-filled week for the reality star. Besides sharing a Masked Singer connection with Brian Austin Green, she celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the legendary teen soap by announcing a new podcast with IRL bestie Jennie Garth called 9021OMG. Spelling told People that the pod would be a reflection on the show and of their real-life friendship. She explained:

“Fans always say to us, ‘We can’t believe you’re actually best friends.’ We wanted to do a girlfriends podcast and then blended it with 90210 to do it for the fans. We have a lot to talk about. It’s going to be really fun!”

It looks like she has a lot of fun ahead — hopefully enough to overshadow a potentially traumatic experience! We’re glad you and your family are safe, Tori!

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