TOWIE’s Chloe Brockett planning boob job to be ‘more natural’ months after first surgery

Chloe Brockett has admitted that she will be going under the knife again soon for her second boob job in a year – but not for the same outcome as before.

The Only Way Essex star revealed on Instagram Stories on Sunday that she will be getting her breasts reduced months after undergoing an augmentation that saw her cup size go up from a C to DD.

In November 2020, Chloe documented the experience on social media and appeared happy with results, however it now seems she’s not completely satisfied with her enhanced look and is ready for another alteration.

“I'm going to get my boobs done in the New Year," Chloe replied to a fan when asked if she’d ever have more surgery.

"I just think they're a little too big. for my body and I want them a little more natural.

"I am in no way an advocate for surgery before anyone moans at me. But it's my body and my choices."

Initially, the 21-year-old stated that her reasoning for opting for a breast augmentation was because she felt her figure was disproportionate, as she was curvier in hips rather than her chest.

"I've got a really big bum and quite curvy thighs, and on top I've always been quite flat,” Chloe previously told The Sun.

"So, I thought by getting boobs it would make me more hour glass. It's not a decision I made lightly.”

Although she experienced no complications from the surgery, the reality star revealed that she had felt panicked immediately after waking up, saying: "I woke up and my heart rate was a bit high. I think because I woke up and thought I hadn’t had the surgery and woke up mid-way.

"So, I mean, do you blame me for having a high heart rate?"

Chloe has been open about also having had nose filler, acknowledging this in a post on Sunday following her upcoming surgery reveal, confessing that it had “been a while” since she'd had that specific treatment done.

No stranger to cosmetic surgery now, one fan posed a question to the reality star asking whether or not she found her breast augmentation painful.

“Honestly, I was fine. I went for dinner the next day,” Chloe replied in a caption.

“I think I’m just a weirdo when it comes to pain tho! I’ve got a really high pain tolerance.”

Since going on a break from TOWIE a few weeks ago, the TV personality has been kept busy with filming Celebs Go Dating and last month released her clothing line, Miss Babe, which features an inclusive size range of 6-24.

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