Tristan Thompson Allegedly Paid Chief Keef’s Baby Mama to Have an Abortion

In a TikTok video released in the wake of Maralee Nichols’ lawsuit against the NBA star, Slim Danger claims that Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy paid her over $15k to get rid of her baby after they had sex.

AceShowbizTristan Thompson could have had more kids than he is believed to be fathering now. The Sacramento Kings player allegedly asked Slim Danger, who is known for being Chief Keef‘s baby mama, to have an abortion after they had sex.

In a TikTok video released in the wake of Maralee Nichols’ lawsuit against Tristan, Slim claimed she met the NBA star at an L.A. swingers party. She didn’t mention the exact time, but she also included a receipt, a $2,000 cheque dated February 10, 2020, that she said she received “just to have consultation.” The porn star added that she was also paid $15,000 to get rid of her alleged baby.

“This man right here, yes, I met him at an L.A. swingers party,” said Slim in the video. “He paid me over $15,000 in cash and yes, yes, I was also paid to get rid of the baby.” She then pointed out to a photo of the alleged cheque as claiming, “This right here is the check that was received just to have consultation. Just to talk to him before the $15,000 was even established.”

This isn’t the first time Slim talked about her alleged encounter with Tristan. Speaking to blogger Tasha K in May this year, the porn star said the athlete paid her $25,000 after they had sexual relations. She also showed a cancelled 25k check from Tristan’s production company. “Tristan has unusually big balls. They’re huge,” she spilled about Khloe Kardashian‘s baby daddy.

Tristan is currently facing a lawsuit filed by personal trainer Maralee Nichols, who is asking for child support for her child, whom she claimed she conceived with the NBA star during his 30th birthday party in March. She reportedly gave birth to a baby boy last week.

Tristan has since requested an emergency gag order to ban his alleged baby mama from speaking out to the press after his alleged text message, in which he said that he wanted “zero involvement” with the baby, leaked to the press.

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