‘We count our blessings’ Mum-of-nine Amanda Owen refuses to rule out more kids with Clive

Amanda Owen reveals how she met husband Clive in 1996

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Amanda Owen and husband Clive share nine children together; Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney. Speaking out on her family life, the Our Yorkshire Farm star revealed that having so many kids was never a part of the plan and refused to rule out having more.

On whether she would extend their brood, the 47-year-old spilled: “You must bear in mind that there never was a plan.”

She went on to say: “There was never any family planning certainly.

“There never has been a plan, and I think that is probably what has brought us to where we’re at now.

“The best-laid plans and all that, you know what happens to those, so we just go with the flow, take whatever comes our way and count our blessings.”

Speaking to Carolyn Nicoll on WelcometoYorkshire.com, the farmer said having a big family had worked out well so far.

Her latest admission comes after she revealed she felt “too old” to have a tenth child in her book Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess.

The couple’s children are a part of the popular Channel 5 series Our Yorkshire Farm.

Viewers see each member of the family focused on their respective duties on their 2,000 acre Yorkshire farm.

Amanda first met fellow farmer Clive in 1996, when she was 21 and he was 42.

After initially turning down his requests for a date, she eventually gave in and was soon swept off her feet.

The couple tied the knot back in 2000 and had their first child together three years later.

Earlier this year, Amanda stunned This Morning presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary by revealing she had given birth at the side of a road.

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The shepherdess said she was “fed up” with ruining picnics, so had her eighth child alone.

She spilled: “After having six of them by that point at the side of the road, the thought of just staying at home, was kind of like a really good option.

“I was so fed up of spoiling people’s picnics and all the rest of it.

“So, I thought right well, this time I’m just going to go it alone.”

Amanda said at the time her husband Clive was asleep and didn’t want to wake him.

She added: “I put the kettle on, stoked up the fire and basically had her in front of the fire with just a terrier as a birthing partner, which is perfect.”

After giving birth, she woke Clive up to show him their new baby.

The farmer continued: “The point of the matter is he had been at seven births previously and we spend our whole lives dealing with birthing things, so it wasn’t exactly something that I was particularly bothered about.”

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