What Chris and Andrew Cuomo Think About the Internet's Crush on Them

The Cuomo brothers are taking their newfound popularity in stride. Chris and Andrew Cuomo have both become more prevalent public figures since the start of the coronavirus outbreak last month. 

Chris, 49, who tested positive for COVID-19 last month, is still hosting his CNN show, Cuomo Prime Time, from home and often interviews his 62-year-old brother, Andrew Cuomo, who is the governor of New York. 

A source close to Chris tells ET, “The brothers are aware of the ‘Cuomo Crush’ and #CuomoBrothers. They think it’s cute and playful.”

The source jokingly adds, “Although, Chris doesn’t understand why people think Andrew is so handsome.”

Despite the Internet’s obsession with the two public figures, they’re not letting their popularity distract them from the work at hand. 

“Both brothers know the responsibility they have during this global crisis and they take their jobs seriously,” the source notes. “Chris has lighthearted moments during interviews with his brother, but isn’t afraid to ask him tough questions and hold him accountable. They both respect what the other does, and both are extremely proud of one another despite the ribbing.”

Another source recently told ET that Chris takes his job and interviewing his brother “very seriously.” 

Chris is still recovering from the coronavirus at his home in Long Island, New York, with his wife, Cristina, and their three kids. 

For more on the newsman’s coronavirus diagnosis, watch the clip below: 

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