Woman Gives Birth To NINE Babies – But Was Only Expecting Seven!! AHHH!

Can you imagine??

On Tuesday, a Malian woman gave birth to nine babies… after only expecting seven! We suppose when you’re already anticipating that many newborns, what’s two more? But we’re sure the pregnant momma would have certainly appreciated a little heads-up!! Not to mention the doctors, who were equally gobsmacked!

Thankfully, five girls and four boys were all delivered in healthy condition via c-section earlier this week to Halima Cisse, just 25 years old. She and her husband Adjudant Kader Arbym also share an older daughter, according to BBC. That’s now 10 kids in total — WOW!

As is usual for a pregnancy of this magnitude, Cisse gave birth prematurely (at 30 weeks). After losing a lot of blood during the births, she was given a blood transfusion and is now in stable condition.

Dr. Fanta Siby, Mali’s minister of health and social development, announced in a statement that the mother and children are “all doing well.” Reporters for the Associated Press even shared that they could see some of the tots’ feet and hands wiggling around in their incubators on Wednesday — so cute! Check out some sweet photos of the new arrivals HERE.

While many have expressed concern for the health of the premature babies — as having so many at once can cause lasting effects such as “physical and mental handicaps,” according to Yacoub Khalaf, a professor of reproductive medicine at King’s College London — the excited father is “not worried.” Speaking to BBC Afrique on this surprising birth, Arbym shared:

“God gave us these children. He is the one to decide what will happen to them. I’m not worried about that. When the almighty does something, he knows why.”

The father has also been overjoyed at the reaction from local friends, family, and even the country’s president!

“Everybody called me! Everybody called! The Malian authorities called expressing their joy. I thank them… Even the president called me.”

Halima was first admitted to the hospital in Mali’s capital of Bamako back on March 30, but when an ultrasound revealed seven children, the government ordered her to receive care in Morocco, where the medical centers are better equipped to handle the unconventional situation. While having cared for Halima for a month and a half, even the director of the Moroccan clinic, Youssef Alaoudi, told local TV outlets the hospital had no idea of the additional two babies!! And as far as the doctor is aware, the mom did not use any fertility treatment.

The unbelievable pregnancy is also set to break the Guinness World Record for most children delivered in a single birth. While the organization is currently verifying the birth, previously, the title was held by Nadya Suleman aka Octomom of the United States. In 2009, she gave welcomed eight kids.

Congratulations to the parents!! Wishing all the babies health as they continue to be monitored in the hospital!

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