9 Under-Appreciated Jennifer Aniston Movies That Are Even Better Than 'Friends'

Jennifer Aniston has been walking around Hollywood with a Friends-shaped target on her back ever since she joined the career-making series as Rachel Green in 1994, a role that made her a household name — and proved as tricky an opportunity to walk out of as it had been to land. Aniston has said again and again that she loved playing Rachel, but there’s no denying her film pursuits haven’t garnered the same love from the public in return. Some say that Aniston has a shaky hand when it comes to picking movie roles, but we’re calling bull. The former Friends star’s movie past is right on target with what we’d expect from the gorgeous, down-to-earth, and empathetic star — and we suspect the only reason they haven’t gotten more attention is because she’s been pigeonholed as Rachel Green for way too long.

When you look at Aniston’s eclectic, long-ranging filmography, it’s clear just how much of a range the star has at her disposal — and, it shows her returning to the same explorations of humanity: questions of aging, money, self-perception, loneliness. It’s a mix of quirky rom-coms like The Object of My Affection and indie dramedies like The Good Girl, family fun like We’re The Millers next to gritty personal pieces like Cake. If you find yourself trying to put Aniston in a box, stop: the only limits on this actress are the limits of what she cares to explore.

Read on for the best, most under-appreciated Jennifer Aniston movies that are worth your watch.


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