A 'Breaking Bad' Reunion Is Coming Soon, According to 2 of Its Stars

It’s been a hot minute since Breaking Bad was last on television — and it could be time for a comeback. On Tuesday, Breaking Bad alums Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul teased a reunion when they both posted the same photo on their Instagrams and Twitters The photo is definitely cryptic, but all signs point to something big being in the works for these two.

On Tuesday afternoon, Cranston posted a sepia-toned photo of two donkeys (mules?) on his Instagram. Underneath the photo, the caption read simply, “Soon.” That’s it. No further hints, clues, dates or tagged accounts to hint at how it all connects. Cranston’s followers instantly got curious and excited, commenting with sentiments like the colorful, “BREAKING BAD FILM YO YO YO BIATCHH,” and “If this is [Breaking Bad] related it’s just made my entire 2019 and nothing will beat it,” as well as, “Say their name” — referencing one of the most famous lines from the show.

Listen, when Cranston posts a photo of two donkeys for no discernible reason (e.g. it’s not tied to a current project), but it feels reminiscent of the vibe from one of his most famous roles, you have to listen.

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So naturally, when folks saw Paul post the exact same photo and caption to his Twitter account around the same time on Tuesday, people couldn’t keep their cool. As of right now, it feels like Cranston and Paul are hinting as a big reunion and possibly something having to do with Breaking Bad. Sure, just because the hit AMC show is what united them doesn’t confirm it’s somehow connected to the photo these two have posted. But it doesn’t confirm it’s not related to Breaking Bad either. So…

Back in February, Variety reported a Breaking Bad movie was in the works and it would be coming to Netflix. The film’s plot has been kept under wraps, but Cranston and Paul were definitely signed on to reprise their respective roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The timing of these teaser photos would align with the amount of time it’s taken to shoot the film, so it could be time to start promoting it. But with no new footage or updates from set, it still feels premature to say this photo is connected to the Breaking Bad Netflix movie.

Whatever is going on here, we need some answers ASAP. Hey Cranston, Paul, you guys got any more photos you wanna share?

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