Assign a Meeting Place Before Entering Escape Hour

All the members of your team will be coming from different parts of Edmonton and Calgary. Thus, it would be best if you assign a meeting place before you enter the quest room. In fact, there are a lot of commercial places outside Escape Hour so you can decide on one of them. It would be best to meet an hour before the start time as some people are known to always arrive late. Also, you have to factor in the traffic that could happen anytime. There will be times when vehicular accidents would happen and times when roads are being constructed.

When that happens, traffic will happen so the time you think you will get there will suddenly be adjusted. You can’t really blame anybody for that happening though. The only thing that you can do would be to leave your house early. When you arrive to the meeting place that is most likely a restaurant, you can eat first so you will be full of energy when you enter the escape room. There is nothing like being fully prepared for the tasks that will be assigned to you on the Besides, you would want to do your best in order to accomplish the mission. That is not going to guarantee a victory but it will give you confidence in doing what you want to do.

Before entering the quest room, be sure to put all your wallets, phones, and gadgets inside the locker room. Don’t worry about a thing though as they are all safe and sound. You know that is the last thing you must worry about when the game is about to begin. You must focus on the task and hand and not other outside stuff that may distract you like work and people who would want to borrow money.

The locker room is even decorated like never before because it is full of adorable stickers. When you finally enter the escape room, the meeting place will be the last thing on your mind. Besides, its only purpose was to remind everyone how important it is to arrive there on time. There will be a ton of people who would show up early so you can devise a plan going into the quest game. You won’t believe how many people will actually take this seriously as it won’t be long before you would get pumped up to start the game.