Bachelor and Bachelorette New Zealand contestants’ shock romance revealed

I’m not going to beat around the bush here because you lot have suffered through enough of that – so let me start this recap of the “After Party” by saying, Shivani and Paul are the cutest couple I’ve ever seen.

And now that I’ve dropped the bomb, let’s discuss.

Shivani and Paul walked out to the mansion courtyard together and instantly my couple radar was buzzing. Apparently so was eye candy Art’s because he pulled the suspiciously happy pair away for a chat and that’s when the treasure chest of love FINALLY opened, my friends.

“I heard through the grapevine that you guys have been hanging out.” Art started the convo and immediately the two lovebirds started giggling like teenagers in a bid to make my heart explode.

“We’ve just been hanging out for the last little while,” Paul told the confession cam, but the blush on his cheeks gave away any and all secrets he wanted to keep hidden.

So how did it happen you may ask? Remember when Paul taught the Bachelorettes how to barbecue? Yeah so, Shivani was sent home that night and by the magic of the universe, the two were sat together on the plane where their affection took off (get it?).

It sounds a tad like a Hollywood rom-com but I LOVE it and while the two have yet to confirm their bf/gf status, it appeared their bubble of love wouldn’t be bursting anytime soon.

In other After Party news, Annie had a cry because she felt like an outsider and even her OG intruder gal, Lydia was hesitant towards her. Ouch. Maybe Nikki was right when she said, “get the guy, lose the girls.” Or in Annie’s case, lose the guy and the girls.

Vaz took his shirt off a million times then complained about being known as the guy with his shirt off – that line was old the first time you said it, Vaz. Move on.

But all attention turned away from his shirtless figure when Nikki – a wannabe cupid, dragged him and Georgia away for a chat in the love corner. It didn’t go well, clearly, as Vaz later told the confession cam he would be sneaking into Negin’s DM’s.

*Eye roll* I have nothing to say to that.

Devaney decided her history – and current feelings – for Vaz needed to be known and she wouldn’t leave him alone, which of course meant he didn’t want a bar of her because boys never want what they can have.

Vaz walked away from her and the wise Lexie said what every best friend has said to her drunk bff at least once, “Devaney, you need to cut it. You need to cut it out.” Thank god for Lexie.

And to cut this short, because there wasn’t a lot happening, Chanel and Moses went for a walk where Chanel asked why Moses didn’t tell her he liked her.

Moses, the indecisive lad, broke her heart a second time by saying “to be honest, at the time, I didn’t know how I felt about you.”

Ughhhhhhhhh really Moses?

But that didn’t really bother Chanel because it turns out that this bubbly gem of a woman has found herself a man.

“I deserve someone to tell me every day that I’m right for them and I have that. I got myself a man and I’m so stinking happy.”

Cheers to that my queens and cheers to the end of another Bachelorette/Bachelor season.

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