Blackpink agency trademarks Lisa's name to cash in on her Asia's Most Beautiful Face fame

Singer Rihanna ventured into cosmetics in 2017 with her Fenty Beauty line, with the brand tapping her Robyn Rihanna Fenty name.

Now, fans of Blackpink singer Lisa may soon be able to snap up clothes that bear the labels Manobal Lalisa and Manobal .

The 22-year-old Thai-born artist ‘s name is commonly spelt as Manoban, with confusion arising over the pronunciation of her Manobal name, reported the koreaboo portal.

YG Entertainment, which manages South Korean girl group Blackpink, applied to register the names Manobal Lalisa and Manobal as trademarks for clothing items from shirts and scarves to caps.

It is not known if Lisa will have any direct creative input in the clothing venture.

Some fans of Lisa, who topped TCCAsia’s Most Beautiful Faces in Asia 2019 list, are not happy with YG’s merchandising move.

They said the agency would still be able to earn money from the use of her name even if she leaves the agency.

But others note that YG’s move will prevent unscrupulous companies from using her name to sell clothes.

Mixed reactions also cropped up after it was revealed that YG had trademarked the use of the names G-Dragon and Taeyang.

The names are used by two BigBang singers whose actual names are Kwon Ji-yong and Dong Young-bae respectively.

They would not be able to use their stage names if they do not renew their YG contracts that are said to expire this year.

Back in 2016, the members of another boy band – Beast – had to deal with an identity problem after they left their agency which owned the rights to the Beast moniker.

The members had to use a new name – Highlight – even though they said they wanted to continue as Beast, as they had been known in the past seven years before they parted ways with their agency.

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