Bride’s ridiculous request for wedding guest so she doesn’t ‘clash with theme’

Whether we're close with the bride and groom, or only know them in passing, the majority of us will want a wedding day to run smoothly.

So if a member of the wedding party asks us to do something to help make that happen, it's likely we'll do it.

But sometimes this can be taken a little too far – and it's how brides can turn into bridezillas.

One bride-to-be has recently fallen into bridezilla territory after her bizarre requests for a guest were revealed on Facebook.

Writing in a text message the unnamed bride requested that the female guest change several things about her appearance before the big day so that she wouldn't "clash" with the theme of the wedding.

Screenshots of the texts were shared on Facebook in a wedding shaming group.

They read: "Hey, so with my wedding, I wanted to ask if you could please make sure your tattoos are covered & could you maybe fix your hair up so it's a natural colour? We've put a lot of work into our theme and I'm sorry but your look clashes with it.

"Even if you just put some spray or something on your hair for the night. I just want it to all look perfect and I can send you some ideas for nice long sleeve dresses for you to wear or just wear a jacket."

The wedding guest is clearly taken aback by the message – but doesn't outright refuse all of the requests.

She replies: "Umm the wedding is in summer so I'm not sure I could wear a long sleeve dress or jacket? I'm really sensitive to heat so I just don't think I can do that if it's a hot day.

"I can look into spray I guess. I definitely can't dye it because it's been a lot of work to lighten it to this blue & I'm planning to go a bit darker, but yeah. I'll look into some options for my hair."

Of course, this response isn't enough to please the bride, who accuses her pal of not really caring about her.

"I know it's hot but it's my one day, so if you can't suck it up I feel like you don't really care about me or Sam and probably shouldn't come," says the bride. "I'm not asking much and it's not my fault you get hot."

She continues her rant, advising the woman to buy make-up to cover her tattoos before saying that if she turns up at the wedding with them showing, she won't be allowed inside the venue.

The friend finally snaps after this, writing: "Wow, so if I don't give myself heat stress I don't love you guys? Make-up that covers tattoos is crazy expensive and you know I literally just had a car accident and am going to be struggling for the next few months.

"I'm not in your wedding party so I just don't think this is fair to ask."

People who saw the post were appalled by the bride's comments.

One said: "She's not even in the freaking wedding party holy s***."

Another responded: "I'd be so p***ed to get this. Friendship is gone. Let the games begin."

A third added: "Wow, she was being really nice about it too, offering to change her hair. But really what is this 'theme' that a tattoo or hair colour is so damn bad on a guest?"

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