Carly Rae Jepsen drops surprise album, ‘Dedicated: Side B’

Four days after the one-year anniversary of her critically acclaimed 2019 album Dedicated, Carly Rae Jepsen, the Canadian pop star, has released a surprise, companion album titled Dedicated: Side B.

In conjunction with the release of the 12-track effort, the Call Me Maybe singer took to Twitter on Thursday morning acknowledging many of her fans’ “whispers” of the upcoming project.

“So, yes, there have been whispers and I’m bad at keeping secrets,” wrote the 34-year-old.

“Side B for Dedicated is out now, babies. I hope it makes it yah dance your pants off.”

On Instagram, Jepsen said she was “relieved” to release the record.

Additionally, Antonoff, 36, and his band Bleachers were enlisted to back Jepsen up on the 10th track, Comeback.

Dedicated: Side B is now available through all major streaming platforms.

Full Dedicated: Side B tracklist

1. This Love Isn’t Crazy
2. Window
3. Felt This Way
4. Stay Away
5. This is What They Say
6. Heartbeat
7. Summer Love
8. Fake Mona Lisa
9. Let’s Sort the Whole Thing Out
10. Comeback (ft. Bleachers)
11. Solo
12. Now I Don’t Hate California After All

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