Donald Trump is Trailing Another Republican Candidate By More Than 20% in This Recent Poll

It’s been almost a month since Donald Trump announced his third run for president. How is it going so far? It’s not looking too good. Besides dealing with a lack of Republican Party support (and those crushing midterm losses for his endorsed candidates), new poll numbers show that a large part of his voter base has moved on.

The name at the top of the list should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the national political scenes — it’s Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll. With less than two years until the 2024 presidential vote, 61% of the GOP are already saying that they want someone other than Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee — although he still has 31% of the voters supporting him. When the men are stacked against each other, DeSantis comes ahead in a 56% to 33% fight.

David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, explained to USA Today what is going on with these numbers in a very clear way: “Republicans and conservative independents increasingly want Trumpism without Trump.” This poll should sound the alarm for the former president, who is already struggling to find support among his GOP colleagues and is reportedly keeping a very petty list of those who have his back and those who aren’t loyal to him.

Even Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, thinks his run for president is all smoke and mirrors to keep the money train running. His legal issues can’t be discounted either since the Jan. 6 investigation is still lurking in the background while the New York attorney general civil suit and his Department of Justice classified documents issues continue to plague him. Donald Trump fatigue took a while to settle into the Republican Party, but it looks like it has finally arrived as they turn their attention to DeSantis.

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