From the Just a Minute Quiz to being 'noisy' – Gogan's best moments

In the course of more than 50 years on radio at RTÉ, the legendary Larry Gogan had many a memorable moment, from being championed by music superstars to eliciting some of the most hilarious quiz answers from members of the public on his Just a Minute Quiz.


The Just a Minute Quiz was part of Larry’s show on 2fm from day one in 1979 and was one of the most popular elements.

It survived three decades, although he did not bring the segment to RTÉ Gold, much to the disappointment of listeners.

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The quiz saw listeners try to answer as many general knowledge questions as they could in 60 seconds and the quickfire nature often resulted in hilarious answers.

Larry’s catchphrase, “They didn’t suit you”, was regularly employed when people crumbled under the pressure.

“Which town do you associate with Shakespeare?” he asked, and a contestant replied “Hamlet”.

“Name something you open other than a door,” he asked. “Your bowels.”

“Where is the Taj Mahal?” Gogan asked one contestant. “Beside the dental hospital,” she replied.



When Larry played U2’s new track ‘New Year’s Day’ when it was released in 1983, an assistant controller at the station was less than impressed, describing his taste in music as “noisy”.

Larry thought the whole thing was “ridiculous”. And then Larry Mullen got involved. “Larry Mullen rang me afterwards, saying ‘I believe you got into a row for playing our record’,” he said. “I was with 2fm, the pop station, and he was saying my music was too noisy. Can you imagine that?”

Larry added that “they nearly had a heart attack” on another occasion when he played half-an-hour of heavy metal for his daughter, Sinéad.



When it was announced last year that Larry was moving from 2fm to RTÉ Gold, the news prompted tributes and well wishes from some high-profile figures.

Jon Bon Jovi sent him a special message. “You’re the best,” he said, and invited Larry as a special guest to his show in the RDS.

“I don’t know him at all,” Larry told the ‘Sunday Independent’. “The kids said to me ‘Jon Bon Jovi says to come to his show’. I said ‘I never met him’. So I don’t know whether he thought he met me or if it was a PR stunt.”

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