Hong Kong actor Louis Koo buys $8.8 million yacht for his parents

The hard-working Louis Koo may be a familiar face in Hong Kong movies but little is known of his private life.

Which is why news that he bought a HK$50 million (S$8.8 million) yacht for his parents has made a big splash in local media.

The 48-year-old actor, who is single and lives with his parents, dotes on them, believing that the craft will offer them the best views of fireworks in Victoria Harbour.

The boat will also allow him even more privacy from inquisitive eyes, if he decides to host his pals.

As Koo can get defensive over media queries linked to his taking on many movie projects year after year, one may be tempted to think that he is out for fame, but not many know that he got into the industry by chance.

Koo, son of former actor Koo Chun-kwong, was a manager at a modelling agency, but became a model when a client insisted that he fronted an advertisement.

He later joined broadcaster TVB before branching out into movies.

In keeping with his preference for staying under the radar, few are aware that his foundation has funded the building of more than 100 schools in mainland China, according to Weibo.

His production company has also quietly pumped money to promote film-making.

Two projects – Tracey and Men On The Dragon – nabbed 20 nominations together at this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards.

Koo, who is also president of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, offered to take care of the funeral arrangements when actress Yammie Lam, 55, was found dead in her home last year.

The one-time star fell into hard times in her later years.

Koo himself could have sunk into despair after he got into trouble in his youth.

He was jailed for almost two years for his role in a robbery.

But as his yacht purchase shows, he has since turned his life around and is now helping others to stay afloat.

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