Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong denies dating actor Hawick Lau

Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong has denied she is dating actor Hawick Lau, who is formerly married to Chinese actress Yang Mi.

Hong Kong’s Next Magazine reported on Monday (Sept 30) that Lau, 44, and Tong, 32, were dating secretly and that the matchmaker was actress Rosina Lam.

The report said Lam is a good friend of both Lau and Tong and had introduced the duo to each other at a dinner early this year.

Lau, son of veteran Hong Kong actor Lau Dan and known for acting in TV serials such as Sealed With A Kiss (2011) and Lady & Liar (2015), ended his five-year marriage with Yang in December last year and has a five-year-old daughter with her.

Tong has been single since she broke off with actor Joey Law in late 2017. The niece of actor Kent Tong recently replaced actress Jacqueline Wong in the reshoot of TVB drama Forensic Heroes 4, after Wong was caught in a cheating scandal with singer Andy Hui in April.

Next Magazine reported that Lam had provided cover for Lau and Tong by lending her house for them to meet, and even arranged for a car for Tong to meet Lau in Shenzhen when he was working in the neighbouring Chinese city.

The magazine also claimed that Lau was with Tong when she went to Britain and France a few months ago.

Tong denied the report when she was approached by the media at an event on Monday. She clarified that she and Lau are just friends and did not meet in private. She also denied that she knew Lau through Lam, and said she went with a group of friends, and not with Lau, to Britain and France.

She said she has not thought about dating Lau but added that she would not object to being in a relationship with a divorced man with children.

Both Lau and Lam also denied the reports when approached by the media on Monday. Lau’s staff said the report is fake, while Lam said she is currently not in Hong Kong and is unaware of the report.

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