How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

No matter how much free time you have this weekend, we have TV recommendations for you. Come back every week for new suggestions on what to watch.

This Weekend I Have … an Hour, and I Like Biographies

‘Santos Dumont’
When to watch: Now, on HBO Go and HBO Now.

Just when it seems as if you’ve watched everything, here’s a Brazilian series (in Portuguese and French, with English subtitles) about the aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont (played by João Pedro Zappa), complete with balloon high jinks. At moments, the mini-series feels like dreamy steampunk thanks to sputtering machinery and fussy mustaches — and Santos-Dumont’s own interest in Jules Verne — but it’s more of a romantically composed period piece. If you like airships, gloves, 1890s Paris or heroes who maybe haven’t gotten their due in the United States, watch this.

… Two and a Half Hours, and I Like Banter

‘Great Performances: Much Ado About Nothing’
When to watch: Friday, at 9 p.m., on PBS. (Check local listings.)

Sometimes Shakespeare adaptations set in the modern day are all corny eyebrow-waggles and hip thrusts, and you feel as if you’re an eighth-grader being forced to politely endure. Mercifully, this recent “Much Ado About Nothing,” filmed this summer at Shakespeare in the Park and featuring an all-black cast, feels fresh and fleshed-out, quick but not hurried. Danielle Brooks is the highlight as the snappy and savvy Beatrice, smarter than everyone’s shenanigans but not immune to the draw of romance.

… Three Hours, and I Like Pebbly Beaches

‘Back to Life’
When to watch: Sunday at 10 p.m., on Showtime.

This gentle British import finishes its six-episode first season this weekend, with two half-hour episodes airing Sunday night. But the show works best in a marathon viewing session, so fire up the On Demand or your streaming device and watch all six in a row. Daisy Haggard , who is also the show’s creator, stars as Miri, a woman who was convicted of a serious crime many years ago and now, having been released from prison, is trying to build her life back in her small hometown. This isn’t a misery-mystery show, even though there are a lot of sweaters and cold beaches and people gravely considering dark secrets. Instead, it’s a light dramedy, thanks largely to Haggard’s warm and inviting performance.

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