Jennifer Lopez Made This Uncharacteristic Social Media Move That Has Fans Wondering What's Going On

What is Jennifer Lopez up to when it comes to her social media accounts? As an A-list star, she is usually very active on all platforms, but she is making a very big move — and nobody knows why. 

On Nov. 23, the 53-year-old superstar completely erased her Instagram account (including that first Instagram official Ben Affleck snapshot after their reunion) and changed all of her profile images to a black circle. Her TikTok and Twitter posts still exist, but she is clearly up to something. What could the big announcement be?

Wiping a social media account clean has been a device used by many celebrities when they have a project ahead that they want to make a big push for. It’s been a while since Lopez put out a new album, plus she has the rom-com Shotgun Wedding coming on Dec. 28. Her fans jumped on Twitter to speculate what it could be. One account wrote, “@JLo’s Instagram has been wiped! Something big must be happening! #JLOiscoming.” Another chimed in, “OMG @jlo DELETED ALL HER POSTS FROM INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING.”

With the Thanksgiving holiday ahead, she may be keeping fans in the dark just a little bit longer — unless she has a Black Friday announcement coming. She could be taking a page from the Beyoncé and Taylor Swift playbook about dropping new music that has already been recorded in the studio. The only thing we know is that J.Lo has some trick up her sleeve and she’s going to keep her fans waiting until she’s absolutely ready.

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