Joanna Lumley claims women are 'pathetic' now as being victim is 'new fashion'

Dame Joanna Lumley has claimed it is now fashionable for women to be a ‘victim’ as she spoke about the #MeToo movement.

The former Bond girl, 76, insisted in a new interview that women used to be ‘tougher’ and were not bothered by catcalling, and says in her view the world has ‘gone mad.’

Five years ago, as details of Harvey Weinstein’s repeated sexual harassment of young female actors began to emerge, the #MeToo movement began, as women across the world came forward with their own stories.

However while this was seen as a positive by many, as it allowed women to share their experiences of sexual harrassment and brought the conversation firmly into the mainstream, Dame Joanna appears to have a different view.

Speaking to Prospect, Dame Joanna was asked about the #MeToo movement, to which she said women were tougher in her day.

‘If someone whistled at you in the street, it didn’t matter,’ she said.

‘If someone was groping, we slapped their hands. We were quite tough and looked after ourselves.’

She went on: ‘The new fashion is to be a victim, a victim of something. It’s pathetic. We have gone mad.’

Dame Joanna also reflected on the early days of her career when she shot to fame in the 70s through her role in The New Avengers series.

And while she said becoming a household name ‘changed my life,’ she admitted she also at times struggled with losing her privacy,

Fans stopping her in the street and having huge amounts of fan mail to reply to ‘could be hell.’ she said, but she felt she had to ‘try to pretend’ to love everything about it.

And even decades later, she says she pretends to ‘absoutely love’ taking selfies with fans – because otherwise you would go mad.’

‘But hell — you do go mad,’ Dame Joanna added. ‘They are so intrusive.’

Dame Joanna previously spoke to Metro’s Sixty Seconds where she claimed it was unlikely Absolutely Fabulous would ever return as ‘people are so strict now.’

‘It would be impossible to make that series now, if you think of Edina’s ghastly take on the world, her appalling snobbery and racism, their drug-taking, heavy drinking and Patsy’s chain-smoking and the fact they have the morals of alley cats,’ she said.

‘It was funny because we used to laugh at those things. Now people are very strict and they go, “This is setting a bad example.”

‘I’ve never heard such rubbish but we couldn’t get away with it now — the world has changed.’

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