Jonathan Scott Is Ready to Rehab His Love Life with This Kind of Woman

It’s been a little over a year since Jonathan Scott split from longtime girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov, and the Property Brothers star is finally ready to open his heart up to love again. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to rush into romance. In a new exclusive interview with People, Scott reveals what he wants in a woman — and what he considers total deal-breakers when it comes to dating him. So, think you have what it takes to be the leading lady of one of HGTV’s most eligible bachelors? Keep reading to see if your personality aligns with Scott’s must-have qualities.

Although fans were sad to see Scott say goodbye to Kuznetsov, the couple managed to pull off an enviably amicable and upbeat split. And while Scott points out that he’s been okay unattached, he does miss the comfort of being part of a couple. “I’m very blessed in a lot of ways. I can buy what I want and I can go anywhere in the world,” he told People in the issue out on newsstands now, admitting, “But at the end of the day, coming home to that one person that you know has your back, there’s no better feeling. As comfortable as I am being single, nothing beats sharing your happiness with someone you love.”

Dying to know what Scott’s looking for in a potential lover? For starters, no mean girls allowed. To date Scott, he says, a woman should always “do the right thing, even if no one is watching.”

He’s also not looking for a wallflower. If you follow Scott on social media at all, you undoubtedly know he likes to travel and socialize — so, not surprisingly, he wants a partner with a similar sense of adventure. “The person who sits in the corner would never work for me,” he said. Rather, he’s looking for a lady who likes getting outside and exploring. “Hiking, scuba diving. I just love getting out and doing things,” he shared.

And, spoiler alert, one of the things he likes to do is pretty darn adorable: playing with pups. “I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs,” he told People. “How could you not love a creature that is always excited to see you?” But the handyman does have one major deal-breaker that could stand in the way of any potential relationship. “If someone’s [social media] profile has more than 20 percent selfies, I won’t date them.”

Oh, and PS, Scott is ready to be a dad to more than just four-legged offspring. So, if you are kind-hearted, adventurous, love dogs and can’t wait to start a family, you might just be the kind of “sexy, cool, courageous” woman Scott is looking for.

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