Katy Perry Gave Us an Important Update on Her Wedding with Orlando Bloom

When celebrities get engaged, it often seems like a countdown begins in the mind of the public: We want date, location, dress and bridesmaid info before the couple themselves has even thought about it. Case in point: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s wedding date is still up in the air, and, according to Perry, that’s not changing anytime soon. Bloom proposed to the pop star back in February (on Valentine’s Day, to be specific), but Perry revealed in a recent interview that she and her fiancé are taking things “one step at a time.” They take the idea of lifelong commitment seriously — and that means not rushing to tie the knot just because of what the public wants.

Perry made these comments in an interview on KISS Breakfast with Tom & Daisy, a KISS FM radio show. When asked whether she and fiancé Bloom had started preparing for their nuptials, Perry replied with the following: “Well yeah, one step at a time. Definitely trying to, like, lay the good emotional foundation for the lifetime of commitment, which is, like, a big deal, you know?” In other words: Don’t expect her to be heading down the aisle before the year is done.

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Given the couple’s somewhat rocky past, perhaps it’s for the best that they’re now choosing to take things slow. The couple first got together in 2016, bonded by a mutual love of In-N-Out burgers. They split in 2017, but were spotted back together in early 2018 and have been going strong ever since. Both Perry and Bloom have gone through previous divorces: Perry split from actor Russell Brand back in 2011 after just over a year of marriage, and Bloom split from model Miranda Kerr in 2013 after three years of marriage. Bloom also shares a child with Kerr, the now-8-year-old Flynn Bloom.

Hopefully, Perry and Bloom are taking whatever time they need to ensure they go into marriage with a clear understanding of what they want, and how they intend to deal with whatever challenges arise. When it comes to a lifelong commitment, there’s no such thing as taking it too seriously. And we’re sure whenever the wedding does take place, it will be exactly as fabulous as you’d expect from the “Wide Awake” singer.

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