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FEASTING ON DURIANS: How do you celebrate the conclusion of a successful concert performance?

For veteran Hong Kong stars Liza Wang and Adam Cheng (both above), who were in Singapore last Saturday to perform at the Adam Cheng N Liza Wang Reminiscing 50th Hong Kong Drama And Cantopop Concert at Resorts World Sentosa, they did so by feasting on durians.

Wang, 71, wrote on Instagram on Sunday that she felt very satisfied after eating the “king of fruits”, as the durians are known. She also posted photos of her and Cheng, 72, backstage and performing at the concert.

Wang and Cheng are remembered by fans as the screen lovers from Hong Kong television serials from the 1970s, when they acted in classic wuxia drama series such as The Legend Of The Book And The Sword (1976), The Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre (1978) and Chor Lau Heung (1979). They have also sung several Cantonese classic duets together.

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