Prince Charles Wants Camilla to Have Princess Diana's Title When He's King

The royal family has had their fair share of complications with the public. And now, things may cause a stir again. Prince Charles wants Camilla to be queen after Elizabeth II’s reign. The second wife of the first in line to the British throne hasn’t been a favorite of the public, but Prince Charles seems adamant his wife be given the official royal title.

According to the Express, the Duchess of Cornwall’s title will change to Princess Consort upon Prince Charles’s ascension to the throne. The decision was made as a point of sensitivity concerning the late Princess Diana. But royal commentator, Victoria Arbiter, isn’t fully convinced, believing Prince Charles will insist  “his wife adopt her rightful title.”

“Out of sensitivity to Diana, it was announced Camilla would use The Duchess of Cornwall as her official title,” Arbiter wrote on 9honey. “Then, come Charles’ accession, she would be known as Princess Consort as opposed to Queen Consort. ‘Princess Consort’ remains the official Palace line, but when the day finally dawns I suspect Charles will insist his wife adopt her rightful title.” She continued, “To accept anything less would be to admit fault and, this many years on, it strikes me as unnecessarily cautious for Camilla to be Queen Consort in all but name.”

Prince Charles is the longest reigning heir to the throne in history, with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, having ruled since roughly 1952 — nearing 67 years. Already, the country is looking forward to celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, marking 70 years as their sovereign. Queen Victoria holds the second longest reign after Queen Elizabeth II, with the former’s son, Edward VII, the second longest royal to await ascension at 59 years before taking the throne.

“The Royal Family is acutely aware of the mood of the nation, but the tide finally seems to be turning in terms of the public’s perception of Camilla,” Arbiter added. “Thanks in part to her work on behalf of victims of sexual abuse, osteoporosis, child literacy, animal welfare, poverty and homelessness, a broad cross section of society has warmed to the Duchess, and she remains the most popular royal among the British press pack.”

It’s true that time has passed and much of the public’s perception has changed surrounding the Duchess of Cornwall. Arbiter concluded saying, “Camilla’s proven she brings out the very best in Charles and she will be a valuable support system when he eventually assumes the role for which he is destined.”

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