Rachael Ray Isn't Moving Back Into Her Home Anytime Soon After That Horrific Fire

Rachael Ray is finally seeing some progress to the home she lost last summer due to a devastating fire. The talk show host and her husband, John Cusimano, shared the construction updates on her Lake Luzerne home in upstate New York — and it’s going at a snail’s pace, but there’s at least some progress happening.

“This is the wall where I heard the fire climbing through the wall,” she said on Thursday’s episode of The Rachael Ray Show about her bedroom. “The last time I was here, there was literally no roof.” According to USA Today, their roof and second floor were completely destroyed and the first floor suffered from major water damage — but thankfully, Ray, Cusimano, and their puppy, Bella Boo, were safe.

The TV chef admits that she’s still mourning the house that she loved and lost, even though she’s of course grateful their lives were spared in the scary fire. “Like nothing, the house was gone,” she recalled about the day of the fire. “At least you can see some bones.”

Most of the house is stripped down to the new drywall, and the flooring hasn’t been put in yet. The couple has a good sense of humor about the tragic situation and understands that construction takes a long time. They won’t be moving back until the house is “done, done,” which who knows how long that will take given the current state of the reconstruction process. “We will let you know when it’s a lot closer there because I don’t think we are going back immediately,” she laughed.

The couple is fortunate to be living on the property to oversee the build because their Adirondacks home has a guest house, where she has filmed her show since the pandemic began. Ray is also taking an attitude of gratitude with her viewers because they’ve been a part of the entire fire saga throughout the last year. “We wanted to share with you guys because you’re so kind and you’ve shared so much with us in your thoughts and your prayers and your very beautiful, very open, and honest letters,” she said.

We can’t wait for Ray to share the final results and the place where she will make new memories with Cusimano and Bella Boo.

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