Raymond Lam to tie the knot?

HONG KONG • Broadcaster TVB can expect an application for year-end leave from Raymond Lam.

Reports say the actor, touted as the station’s most eligible bachelor, is headed for the marriage aisle in December with model Carina Zhang.

China Press said he proposed to her on June 1 in her home town of Yancheng in China.

Zhang, 29, posted a photo on Weibo of white roses arranged in the shape of a rabbit, captioning it “surprise”, leading many to think he has popped the question.

The couple have been dating for about a year since Lam, 39, split up with actress Karena Ng, 25.

Lam and Zhang have been open about their relationship, happy to pose for photographers at public functions.

He also attended the recent wedding of her brother, while she reportedly was with him in Xiamen, China, during Chinese New Year to meet his extended family.

Talk has it now that Lam wants to get married in December, when he marks his 40th birthday, giving him another reason for TVB to approve his leave plans.

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