Shu Qi assures fans she is fine after fall in Shanghai

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi’s official fan group has assured her fans on social media that she is fine after she tripped and fell during a promotional event in Shanghai on Tuesday (June 18).

In a video widely circulated online, the 43-year-old celebrity was seen going up on stage in high heels with two men shielding her from the drizzle, while a third man on stage held her hand when she reached the stage.

She tripped and fell forward, with the men near her helping her up after the fall. Shu was seen smiling embarrassedly while she stood up and held onto the two men beside her. She then walked awkwardly and in very small steps on stage. She later walked off it without her heels.

Her fans were initially concerned about her condition, but on Wednesday, she posted on Weibo several photos of herself in her dress on Tuesday evening, likely to assure her fans that she was not affected by the incident.

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