Sideswipe: December 29: The good old days of beer ads

Animals behaving badly

1.My dog will randomly stop and lie down no matter where he is if he doesn’t fancy the direction/place you are going. We call in flomping. It can be embarrassing when you need to get somewhere quickly and he won’t budge. He’s a 27kg English bulldog so no carrying him!
2.My Labradoodle greeted another dog and its owner so enthusiastically while on a walk that he ended up running around us in circles, lashing us together with his lead. I’d never seen the bloke before and he ended up squashed up against me with a full poo bag perilously close to his face. It was three years ago and he still smirks when I pass him.

Parking ticket bonanza

DNA anomaly

When a single mother of two, and one on the way, Lydia Fairchild, ran into financial problems, she decided to apply for government assistance. According to the media, the woman was asked to take a DNA test to confirm that the children were hers. The results suggested that the kids she gave birth to were in fact her nephews. When giving birth to her third child, Lydia decided to have a government witness present, and the DNA test was performed instantly. Again, the results showed that she was an aunt of the baby. Finally, scientists learned that Lydia was actually a chimera, meaning that she had absorbed her twin while still in the womb. Thus, it was her twin’s DNA that showed up in DNA results.

Did you know?

The original ‘Where’s Waldo?’ was one of the American Library Association’s 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of the 90s. A topless sunbather with a breast measuring 1/16 of an inch was found on page four. A bikini top is featured in later editions.

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