Sideswipe: December 30: The political humour of Great Barrier

Doof, doof in the great outdoors

“I was at Karekare falls with the family,” writes a Kiwi Reddit user. “Mint day. Beautiful walk through the bush to the falls, three or four families enjoying the place. Then this crew shows up. I heard them before they arrived. They were blasting the worst dance-hop through a boom box as loud as it would go and kept it going once they arrived. Pretty much drowned out the sound of the waterfall. I don’t know about you guys but I found it incredibly obnoxious and inconsiderate. I feel like it’s arrogant to subject people to your loud music in a place where people have probably come specifically to avoid things like that and enjoy nature.”

People are stupid as

In 1982, 80 people in the US reported suffering nausea and diarrhoea after drinking Sunlight dishwashing liquid. They had received free bottles of the product as part of a promotional campaign. The source of the confusion was a picture of lemons on the label as well as the phrase “with real lemon juice”. This led many to conclude that the bottle contained some kind of lemonade. Or a lemon-flavoured drink mixer. A lot of people added it to iced tea. A spokesman for the manufacturer of the product pointed out that the bottles also clearly said, “Sunlight dishwashing liquid”. Sunlight no longer uses the phrase “with real lemon juice”.

The new Enid Blyton book is a bit dark …

News nostalgia

In 2004, a rare 320-year-old stolen Stradivarius cello had a narrow escape – from being converted into a CD holder. The $3.5m instrument, made in 1684 and owned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, was found by nurse Melanie Stevens lying by a rubbish bin. Initially unaware of its value, she had asked her cabinet-maker boyfriend to fix it or turn it into a CD rack. Orchestra bosses breathed a sigh of relief at the return of the cello, which suffered only slight damage.

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